Helen Talbot

Deputy Principal Elizabeth East Primary School

I wish to acknowledge the exemplary way all personnel from Hall Plumbing negotiated works conducted at Elizabeth East Primary. At all times my discussions between Hall Plumbing’s staff and site personnel was professional, timely and respectful. Hall’s Staff acknowledged all the interruptions that can occur during a school day and were willing, and able, to accommodate these planned and unplanned moments.
All information was clear and concise and outlined approximate timelines of site impact. Hall’s personnel was extremely supportive and helpful in the acquisition and security issues surrounding the installation of temporary toilets for school staff and students.
The safety of all school community members was of the upmost concern by all workers. The immediate work area has been left clean and tidy ready for the final bitumen sealing.


Here at Hall plumbing, we provide a wide variety of services in both the domestic and commercial sector. We pride ourselves on our prompt and friendly service, ensuring our clients are completely satisfied after every visit.

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