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Potable Water Filtration: The cartridge addition

In its ideal state, water should be tasteless, odorless, colorless and transparent. But as the chemical smell hits your nose after running a tap, its clear to notice our less than ideal water quality. That’s when water filtration comes into play. Water filtration comes in different forms, for both domestic and commercial applications. Today we… Read more »

Save water – 6 ways you can this summer

Water is the drink of life and an irreplaceable necessity for all mankind. We take it for granted most days, but thankfully that is all changing. Australians have become more proactive with water conservation ever since the millennium drought in the 2000’s, which played havoc on our state. But in order to create long lasting… Read more »

Water pressure – How high is too high?

High water pressure, it can be a blessing and a curse. It’s great for showers because lets face it, who enjoys a shower with low pressure? Not me, not you, not anybody. But while it may be nice for a shower, it can often be a strain for the rest of your plumbing system. Appliances… Read more »

Water hammer – What it is and what to do

Let me set the scene. Its 2 o’clock in the morning and nature is calling. You unwillingly drag yourself out of bed and head for the bathroom hoping you don’t stub your toe on that damn chair again. You do your business, then proceed to wash your hands. But as the you turn the tap… Read more »

Your spring plumbing check-up for home!

Spring has arrived, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blossoming and for some of us unfortunate ones… the eyes are itching! As we all start to venture outside, we begin to find problems that might not have been noticed while rugged up inside during the winter. Spring is the time to get outside and… Read more »

HANDY HINTS – 4 things to keep out of your drain

Should you have put that down the drain? Its okay, we’ve all been guilty of flushing something that we probably shouldn’t have, even us plumbers. Of course there are many obvious things that should never go down your drain, like footballs, toys and clothing. This article will point out 4 not so obvious items that commonly… Read more »

5 things to look for in a plumbing contractor

Its the modern era and there is no shortage of choices for us in our day to day lives, such as what car to buy, what laundry liquid to use or what home lone to settle with. Often there are too many choices which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and undecided, a feeling that we are all too… Read more »

Is your hot water service on its way out?

When was the last time you thought about your hot water service? Never? Well that’s the great thing about them. They can carry on doing their job for years without a worry. Its not until they stop doing their job that you finally pay some attention. More often than not your hot water service will… Read more »

How does your bathroom shape up?

Thinking about a new bathroom? Well much like the kitchen, a good bathroom will increase your homes value and saleability. Its often the only space where we have time to ourselves, so why not make it as comfortable as possible? Whether you are renovating an existing bathroom or starting from scratch, there are many factors… Read more »

So, how does your kitchen shape up?

The kitchen has become the heart of the modern home. A space once reserved for cooking is now the hub for most families and their guests. You’ll find in older homes kitchens were much smaller and separated, leaving the dining and living rooms for entertainment. Nowadays many believe dining rooms are becoming obsolete as kitchens take over… Read more »