Blocked Gutters

Although we are in the middle of summer, Adelaide has been hit recently with heavy downpours. Such rains have seen property owners caught out. While clearing blocked gutters can be seen as a burden, it is a must in order to protect your property. Your gutters are your home’s exterior plumbing and like with all types of plumbing, it needs to be maintained. If you have blocked gutters, the result could be serious. Leaving you with structural damage and insurance claims that could have easily been avoided.

When large volumes of water fall onto your roof it must be drained away quickly. Gutters are designed to channel this water to your downpipes and the drains below. Having blocked gutters prevents the system from operating efficiently.  The water then builds up rapidly with no escape access, leaving your home in danger.

Potential threats of blocked gutters

Property Damage – Blocked gutters can force water back into your roof and into your ceiling. Water may also run down the walls of the house leading to saturation of foundations that could create serious structural damage over time.

Bush fires – Yes, blocked gutters are a fire hazard. In these summer months it is essential to have clean gutters. Wind-bourne embers from a bushfire can land in them and start fires that will rapidly spread through the house. Although this seems drastic, cleaning gutters is one of the most important actions you can take to protect your home this bushfire season.

Pests and insects – When you have blocked gutters it is usually due to a build up of leaves and sticks from surrounding trees. These leaves and sticks when undisturbed create a perfect home for unwanted pests and insects such as rats, spiders and mosquitos to name a few.

So make sure you add gutter cleaning to your regular home maintenace schedule. This simple exercise although annoying can prevent future headaches. If you have blocked or damaged gutters with no time to clean, or if you feel uncomfortable climbing ladders, be sure to contact Hall Plumbing. You can sleep well knowing all the proper measures have been taken to ensure your guttering system operates effectively and efficiently.

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