Great news! Earlier this year we received our certificate of prequalification from cm3. Cm3 is a web based OHS prequalification designed to assist contractors in demonstrating their health and safety capabilities to current and potential clients.Cm3 prequalification consists of insurance verification as well as a comprehensive assessment of contractors OHS safety systems undertaken by GreencapNAA, one of Australia’s leading specialists in occupational health and safety risk management. There are four key benefits of the prequalification as outlined on

1. Demonstrate Safety capabilities

Cm3 Prequalification demonstrates to current and future clients our existing safety practices, helping them meet their legislative duty of care to ensure we are conducting work safely.

2. Improve safety management 

Undertaking Cm3 prequalification helps us systematically review our existing safety management, identify weaknesses in our existing processes and provide recommendations to help improve them.

3. Reduce Compliance costs

All clients registered on Cm3 accept our Cm3 prequalification. This elimates the need for us to undertake separate prequalifications if we work for multiple clients, reducing the time and cost of compliance and letting us get on with business.

4. Gain exposure to new clients

Clients often search for Cm3 prequalified contractors as a quick and effective way to on-board new vendors to their business. By gaining Cm3 prequalification, we have increased our exposure to potential clients in the building industry.

This prequalification is just another step in our ongoing commitment to safety and risk management. As always at Hall Plumbing, we will continue to strive for excellence and ensure our clients are satisfied after every visit.


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