Burst Pipes

Around this time of the year when the wet weather subsides and heat increases, burst pipes become a regular occurrence. But why is this?
Well, high temperatures can dry soil so that it shrinks away from buried pipes. Increased water usage raises pressure inside the water lines. Both factors add strain to pipeline walls, making older pipes more susceptible to bursting.
Do you suspect there being a water leak or burst pipes on your property?
If so you can carry out this simple test to find out.

  1. Locate your water meter
  2. Stop using all water on the property. Remember to turn off all water appliances and double check that your cistern is not filling up. However remember to leave your water meter on
  3. Record a reading from your water meter using the small dial and digits
  4. After allowing some time without any water usage, record another reading
  5. If there is a difference between the two readings, you may have a water leak

It is essential to identify and repair the water leak before it gets worse e.g. damage to your property and increased water bills.

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