HANDY HINTS – 4 things to keep out of your drain

Should you have put that down the drain? Its okay, we’ve all been guilty of flushing something that we probably shouldn’t have, even us plumbers. Of course there are many obvious things that should never go down your drain, like footballs, toys and clothing. This article will point out 4 not so obvious items that commonly find their way into the drains.

1. Grease

I know you’re tempted to pour the grease from a Sunday cook up down the drain but trust me, you need to avoid doing so. Grease may go down the drain in liquid form, but will solidify in a short time causing all sort of problems not only for you, but for your plumber. Blocked drains caused by grease are notoriously difficult to clear and give off a revolting odor, so think twice before you pour! Unless you have a grease arrestor, then pour away.

2.  Paper towels and wipes

Paper towel, unlike toilet paper does not easily break down in water and will often catch on misaligned pipes and tree roots, causing a blockage. Same with wet wipes, although they are marketed as ‘flushable’ they most certainly are not.

3. Solvents

When poured or disposed of down drains, solvents can enter lakes, rivers and oceans and can harm the ecosystems of these areas. Dispose solvents of using your local hazardous waste disposal service.

4. Coffee grounds

We all love a morning coffee and even an afternoon coffee; but do not put coffee grounds in the drain. Plumbers can all agree that it will cause blockages. The grounds turn into sludge once flushed, forming a wet sand type of consistency, something that isn’t easily plunged away. Dispose of coffee grounds in the bin, alternatively use them on your garden as fertilizer.


We hope this has been of some help to you. As always, feel free to contact us for any more information.