Emergency Plumbing – What to do when it all goes wrong

Like any emergency, plumbing emergencies can arise at any time and occur from a number of causes. They often happen at the worst time, bringing upon panic and distress. Remember, knowledge is power. If you have the correct information, then navigating through the emergency will be much easier. So today, our emergency plumbing team will provide vital tips on what to do when it all goes wrong.

Stay calm

Cooler heads prevail. It may seem difficult to do at the time but staying calm during an emergency is the single most important thing to do. Panic and anxiety can interfere with decision making, which only adds fuel to the fire. So, take a deep breath, slow down and stay calm.

Isolate what needs to be isolated

If you have a severe water or gas leak, the obvious action to take is to isolate the relevant service. You may be surprised to know that many people have no idea where the isolation valves and meters are on their property. We have had many calls in the past from frantic customers running around looking for isolation points. Do not let that be you. Familiarize yourself and your family with your meters and isolation valves. That way, you will know exactly where to go during an emergency.

Stop using plumbing fixtures

When in doubt, stop using everything. This point relates with severe and overflowing blocked drains. Stay on the safe side and do not make anything worse. If you need to use the toilet, ask your neighbour. If you need to wash your hands, use an outdoor garden tap. Choosing not to follow this tip may result in extra clean up and that’s not fun for anybody.

Ask yourself if it can wait

We understand that some jobs simply cannot wait. But many can. If you have a burst water pipe on a Sunday evening, ask yourself if you can go a night without water to save a few hundred dollars. Sounds like something you can do? Great, you have just saved a lot of money. If you’d prefer to get it fixed then and there, just be wary of the extra costs involved.

Reach out to your local plumber

As plumbers we see emergencies such as yours nearly every day, its what we do. So for any friendly advice and guidance, please feel free to contact our team. Our operation runs 24/7 with a plumber on call waiting to fix any problem that should arise. No hidden costs or nasty surprises, just the task as hand with your best interest at heart.