Hydrojet Drain Cleaning – All You Need To Know

Hydrojet drain cleaning technology is an effective and efficient method of clearing blockages in sewer and storm water pipework. You may have seen this service being carried out by plumbers before and wondered what was happening and why. So today the team at Hall Plumbing will outline all you need to know about hydrojet drain cleaning.

How the hydrojet works

The hydrojet consists of a high pressure hose attached with specialized nozzles. The hose is connected to a machine that pressurizes water from the holding tank. This pressurized water produces a powerful stream strong enough to clear even the most stubborn of blockages; and with pressure of 5000psi, tree roots, grease and other such drain obstructions don’t stand a chance.

There are different sized nozzles along with different sized hoses, each are designed for certain applications. When clearing drains using the hydrojet, our team begin with the penetrating nozzle. This nozzle has a front shooting jet to penetrate through blockages, accompanied by a number of rear shooting jets to create significant thrust when going forward. Once the blockage has been penetrated, we begin with the descaling process. This process involves a larger nozzle with one rear shooting jet. As the hose is sent upstream and pulled back downstream, it is effectively cleaned of any residue from the blockage. The entire process gives the customer peace of mind knowing that nothing is left in the drain that may cause another blockage soon after.

When the Hydrojet is required

The hydrojet can be used for all domestic blockages, but is most required for drains with a grease or sludge build up. The hydrojet’s flushing ability can shift the build up rather than poke through like the electric alternatives. So choose the jet for any storm water, grease, or stubborn blockages in hard to reach places. If you are unsure, describe the situation to your plumber who will assess whats required for your blockage.

For friendly advice and information regarding hydrojet drain cleaning, please feel free to contact us. No hidden costs or nasty surprises, just the task at hand with your best interest at heart.