So, how does your kitchen shape up?

The kitchen has become the heart of the modern home. A space once reserved for cooking is now the hub for most families and their guests. You’ll find in older homes kitchens were much smaller and separated, leaving the dining and living rooms for entertainment. Nowadays many believe dining rooms are becoming obsolete as kitchens take over as the most social space in the house. Architects, Builders, Realtors and Plumbers all recognise the importance of kitchen functionality and design and so should you. So how does your kitchen shape up?

Did you know that when done properly, kitchen renovations can increase a property’s value significantly? Weather you are preparing to sell or just revamping your family home, the kitchen is always a great place to start. So lets talk about some factors one must consider when renovating a kitchen.

1. Optimise your layout

Layout is key, you want the kitchen to flow even if space is limited. The last thing a potential buyer would want to see is a dishwasher opening up into a walk way. Eliminating the ‘cramped’ feeling can be as simple as repositioning fixtures, appliances and storage areas. Remember to never sacrifice space for unecessary luxury items.

2. Use Quality components 

Quality cabinets, appliances and plumbing components can be the difference between having your kitchen ‘nearly there’ to being flawless. Brand loyalty is real and people do notice. Many are particular about which brands they use and it all comes down to customer preferences. But its important not to cut corners, because what might be cheap now will cost you more in the long run.

3. Craftsmanship 

Attention to detail is the piece that brings it all together. Having a contractor who is dedicated to their craft will improve your kitchen’s aesthetics to a point that you’ll be inviting everyone over to show it off. Theres nothing more disappointing than a job well done being tarnished by the final finish. Don’t let this be you!


At Hall Plumbing we have been revamping kitchens for over 25 years. Our services are not limited to Plumbing, we offer the complete package to our clients to ensure you get the quality kitchen that you deserve. So leave it up to us, you won’t be disappointed.


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