Your spring plumbing check-up for home!

Spring has arrived, the birds are chirping, the flowers are blossoming and for some of us unfortunate ones… the eyes are itching! As we all start to venture outside, we begin to find problems that might not have been noticed while rugged up inside during the winter. Spring is the time to get outside and finally begin the housework and other projects that you’ve been putting off. So while you’re rolling up the sleeves and getting to work, spare a thought for plumbing in your house that may have been neglected too.
We’ve compiled 4 essential items to add to your spring plumbing checklist. Its a simple check up that shouldn’t take you longer than 20 minutes. So what are you waiting for? Pull out your pen and pad and start ticking!

1.Hot water service

First on the plumbing checklist is your hot water service, known as the engine of your household. It has been more than likely working over time during the winter to keep your water warm. Check for any obvious signs of rust or discoloured water when a tap is on. If you have a storage unit, engage both relief lines and check for leaks.  For more information on hot water services, check out one of our previous posts :

2. Pipework

Check all the plumbing pipework on your property for leaks or corrosion, especially if you have flexible water hose installed. Flexible hose has received a bad rep as of late. However, split hoses are caused by poor installation and neglect. The standard warranty for flexible water hose is 10 years. If you believe that yours is over 10 years then its time to replace. But like the old plumbing saying goes ‘Do it proper, do it copper’.

3. Drainage 

Without drainage, problems arise. Check your roof and gutters and ensure there are no obstructions that will slow your stormwater drainage. But before you do that, check that your ladder is in safe operating condition.

Nice weather is the perfect time to do a load of washing. But the last thing you want is your drain to gurgle when the washing machine empties. If your property is prone to blockages then its vital that you take extra precautions as to what you put down there. A simple paper test can determine if there is any obstructions in your sewer.

4. Taps 

Check for leaking taps around your home. Doing this could save you precious $$ on your water bill which does add up during the warmer months.


We hope that you’ve found this article useful. Although this is a spring checklist, it never hurts to stay on top of things and do regular check-ups. For any queries that you may have, or to request a free quote, please feel free to contact us!

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