Winter Tips! Prepare your Plumbing this Season

Winter is coming! The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. But its not just the cold weather that we have to prepare for. We’ve compiled 3 tips that will have you and your home winter ready!

1. Clean Your Gutters

While cleaning gutters can be a burden, its a must in order to protect your property this winter. Your gutters are your homes exterior plumbing and like all types of plumbing, its needs to be maintained. When large volumes of water fall onto your roof it must be drained away quickly. Gutters are designed to channel this water to your down pipes and the drain below. Having blocked gutters prevents the system from operating efficiently. The water then builds up rapidly with no escape access, leaving your home in danger. Plan ahead for winter and clean your gutters.

2. Clear Your Underground Storm water

Clearing storm water drains in using the hydrojet drain cleaner (March 2020)

A follow on from tip #1 is to clear your storm water. There is no point having clean gutters this winter if the rest of your storm water is blocked. Blocked storm water is often caused by tree root intrusion, as well as leaf/debris build up from autumn. Regularly check your down pipes before and during the winter months. Small blockages found in your down pipes can be cleared and flushed out using a regular garden hose before the issue grows. For larger blockages in the underground drain, we suggest clearing and cleaning with the hydro jet drain cleaner. Please contact any of our friendly office staff for pricing on this service.

3. Check Your Hot Water Service

Hot water service replacement (January 2020)

Who likes a cold shower during winter? Anybody? We didn’t think so. If your hot water service is not maintained, then it could be you that suffers. During winter, your hot water service is under increased load due to the lower temperatures, so make sure its fighting fit to handle the extra load. Start with checking the age of your hot water service (typical life span 8-10 years). Next, check for any visible signs of leaks or rust. If you have a storage hot water service, remember to engage your pressure relief valve and expansion control valve at least every 6 months. Finally, make a mental note on how your hot water service is preforming. Temperature fluctuations or other unusual activity should be acted upon quickly. The best course of action is to leave it in the hands of a professionals. We can assess your hot water service and give you peace of mind this winter.

So you’ve had a read, now its time to take action! Get proactive this season and prepare for the winter. Need a plumber? Choose the team that’s committed to quality and committed to you. Call today and experience the Hall Plumbing difference!