5 things to look for in a plumbing contractor

Its the modern era and there is no shortage of choices for us in our day to day lives, such as what car to buy, what laundry liquid to use or what home lone to settle with. Often there are too many choices which can leave you feeling overwhelmed and undecided, a feeling that we are all too familiar with. This relates directly to choosing a trustworthy plumbing contractor. Many are unsure what to look for when choosing a plumbing contractor, so we’ve put together 5 important things to take notice of.


This one is a no brainer, your plumbing contractor should have all the required licences to undertake each specific job. You’d be surprised how many DIY handymen undertake plumbing works. Remember this is ILLEGAL and hefty fines apply. Ensure your plumber or gas fitter is fully licenced before the booking.


Communication between client and contractor is vital. You’re plumber should keep you informed every step of the way as well as showing empathy and politeness. We often tell our employees to put themselves in the shoes of the customer, listen intently and communicate respectfully.


With experience comes wisdom, say no more.


Never use a Plumber if they are not insured, because if something goes wrong things will turn ugly. On initial contact, request information about the companies insurance policies and if its all there in writing, go ahead.


Last but not least find a plumbing contractor who is determined, thick skinned and willing to overcome obstacles. There are not many easy jobs in plumbing and too many contactors will throw it in at the first hurdle. The ability to go above and beyond separates the men from the boys and the determined from the lazy!

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