The Adelaide Plumber – 5 reasons why we love our city

Adelaide, the city of churches and the city we love. The Adelaide plumber will work hard during the week knowing he or she has this beautiful city and its surroundings to explore after tools are down. So whats so special about Adelaide? Well you have to venture out of town to truly realize. Don’t get me wrong, we do have our flaws and there’s been some eyebrow raising decisions made in the past. But after years of copping flack from neighboring capitals, the rest of the country is beginning to take notice.

So, today we have put together 5 reasons why we love about our city from the perspective of an Adelaide plumber.

1. The 20 minute city

You may have heard Adelaide being referred as the 20 minute city. This means that from the CBD, one can travel to the hills, beach and various other destinations in under half an hour. Now with an increase in population and added traffic, its more like 30 minutes these days. Nevertheless, it is a privilege that we share with few other capital cities. For maintenance plumbers it is particularly handy. Here at Hall Plumbing we service the greater metropolitan area and are supremely confident that we will arrive on time, every time. It would be a terrible feeling being stuck in traffic, leaving customers waiting and frustrated. Lucky we don’t have that issue.

2. Fringe Festival and mad march

If one is to visit Adelaide, the perfect time is around February/March. Our city comes alive with events like the Fringe Festival, Clipsal 500, Adelaide Festival  and plenty more. So when knock off arrives and the tools are down, we like to support these great events and enjoy all they have to offer.

3. Adelaide Oval – Adelaide Crows vs Port Adelaide Power

In the eyes of many South Aussies, the Adelaide oval redevelopment has been the best thing that has happened to Adelaide. The beautiful state of the art stadium situated by the riverbank has seen some of the greatest sporting events and concerts in Australian History. From the ashes test match to the rolling stones, we have seen it all. When winter arrives, there is one word that divides the city. Showdown. The showdown is held twice in a footy season and is hotly contested between the Adelaide Crows and Port Adelaide Power. Whichever side you may be on, its always entertaining. Entertainment that is spiced up by work site banter before and after the game.

4. Pristine Metro Beaches

We are lucky to have beautiful golden beaches so close to the city. No need to travel far and wide to find beauty, its right in our backyard. Don’t believe me? Go and see for yourself. In this part of Australia we are lucky to see the sun set over the ocean. So gather the friends and family after work and watch the sun set with a drink in hand. You wont be disappointed.

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5. The People

The city is nothing without the people who live in it. Obviously there is good in bad in every city, but overall we are proud and polite people who work hard and play hard. As an Adelaide plumber it is clear to see there is nowhere else id rather be.


Thank you for reading. Now enjoy this great city of ours!