Save water – 6 ways you can this summer

Water is the drink of life and an irreplaceable necessity for all mankind. We take it for granted most days, but thankfully that is all changing. Australians have become more proactive with water conservation ever since the millennium drought in the 2000’s, which played havoc on our state. But in order to create long lasting change, we need long lasting habits. So we’ve put together 6 ways that you can save water at home this summer. Not only will you be helping the Murray, you’ll also save precious dollars when your next water bill arrives.

Fix leaking taps

Its time to fix those leaking taps. Did you know that even a slow dripping tap can waste up to 20,000 litres a year? Think of it as water that you’re paying for but not using.

Check the toilet for leaks

Leaking toilets by way of the seating washer are one of the most common problems that we come across. The seal that keeps water in the cistern is dictated by a rubber washer at the bottom of the flushing mechanism. Over time, these washers will deteriorate and cause water to run down the flush pipe and into the pan. These leaks can be difficult to notice, luckily we are here to help, so here’s a tip. If you have food colouring in the house, put a few drops into the cistern water. Don’t flush the toilet yet, let the colouring settle and if the water in the pan is coloured, then you have a leak.

Water saving attachments

Consider installing water saving shower heads and aerators to taps. This is a great way to save water in a short amount of time at low cost.

Optimize appliances

When using your dishwasher and washing machine, be sure to do full loads instead of small frequent loads. If you have an old washing machine or dishwasher, it may be time to upgrade. New models have an efficiency unrivalled by older models.

Rainwater harvesting

Imagine being able to run your toilets and shower purely of rainwater. Imagine being able to switch back to mains water should the rainwater run out. Sounds great doesn’t it? Well it can be done and the savings are something to write home about. Check out our previous blog post on rainwater harvesting¬† and put plans into action.

Short showers

Everybody is guilty of enjoying a long drawn out shower, especially in the colder months. But to be water wise we must keep our shower times down to 4 minutes, the length of a good song. Its totally fine to rock out in the shower to your favourite tune, but when the song is over, its time to leave the stage.


We hope you found this article helpful, please feel free to contact us for any questions that you may have!